Appears you can adopt pups that failed government training as they were too nice and amiable

We have fantastic news for those who would want to adopt pets of a certain breed. To succeed in the training, they can pick the puppies that were more adorable and endearing.

The authorities have developed a special adoption program for the training ‘dropouts’.

The adoption procedure has a few unique needs.


Here are a few of them: we have no intentions to leave, and we are able to give them specialized training, access to health care, and a ton of love.

The ones who will be approved will have to visit San Antonio, Texas twice. They will meet the puppies for the first time, and then they will take them home.

They are extremely trainable but also very loving. They were too sweet to be government dogs, which is the main issue.

Take the adorable and beautiful doggies home right away if you are prepared to assume this duty and are confident that you can handle it.

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