Architects’ fantasies went too far in these 9 cases

When it comes to creativity or making a work of art, every professional artist attempts to give their all.
However, they get caught up in the process and forget the fundamental purpose of the assignment, which is why occasionally we see odd buildings on residential streets. 

A Californian building. It’s difficult to determine whether living here is convenient or not, but the weirdness is extraordinary. 

A tower with an extraordinary amount of balconies. Most onlookers comment that these structures resemble a tree with branches. 

A fantastic and unique brilliant complex where people reside. 

The Baba Yaga cottage is seen in the middle of the Norwegian woodland.

One gets the impression that a well-known wicked bunch from a blockbuster movie is seated here as they pass by this building. 

A very odd house that is also a wonderful home 

Israel. An extremely peculiar place to live. Is it even possible to live here? That is the sole query. 

Israel. In five years, this spiral mansion was constructed. Even the locations of the rooms are unclear. 

This Montreal home was designed and built by a well-known designer himself, but it is currently for sale.

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