As a prize for finding a missing dog, an American offers a one-room house

A man in Arizona raises the reward for a lost dog from $1,000 to a one-bedroom home.

Jenny, Eddie Collins’ beloved 2-year-old Chihuahua, died in April. He claims that the dog got lost at the grocery store and that he has been looking for her ever since.

Collins continues, “I’ve searched everywhere.” — Every day, I take my dog to the kennel. I work as a volunteer for the Animal Welfare Society.”

Collins, on the other hand, is offering his one-bedroom home and acreage in Benson, Arizona to anyone who can find Jenny after months of searching.

“I’m proposing a lot with a one-room house,” Collins says. – I am offering to gift the property, trailer, and workshop with no strings attached. Jenny is all I care about.”

Collins refers to the dog as a “family member,” but no one knows where it is today.

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