“At 26, she married a 62-year-old billionaire”: how a beautiful model from Moldova lives today

Many girls would like to just marry a rich man and live with him all his life in luxury. Not everyone succeeds in this, but the fate of our today’s heroine can be compared with the fate of Cinderella.

Xenia Delhi is married to a handsome, rich, but not at all young man. Osam Fati Rabah Al-Sharif became her husband for five years. He is a billionaire from Egypt, who is 36 years older than her.

Someone thinks that this is a marriage of convenience, but it should be borne in mind that Ksenia herself earns a lot of money in the modeling business. Everyone knows that the fees in this area are worthy, so the girl managed to earn good capital on her own.

As for her husband, he looks great for his age. If you believe the information from the Web, then today his fortune is 20 billion dollars. It is noteworthy that for a wedding dress for his beloved, the man paid about 1 million dollars.

The couple says they sincerely love each other. Not so long ago, a daughter, Anastasia, was born in this union. Now the whole family lives in a luxurious mansion in the States. By the way, they do not like to sit in one place, so often the whole family goes on interesting trips around the world.

What do you say, our dear readers? How do you feel about such a difference in age between spouses?

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