“At 63 looks 25”: Madonna surprised fans with an unusual photoshoot in the image of Monroe

A couple of days ago, the famous singer Madonna posted a few shots from a photo shoot for a fashion magazine.

On them, the woman appeared in the image of Marilyn Monroe, who had the same blond curls and outfits and images characteristic of the star of the 50s.



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Публикация от Madonna (@madonna)

In the photos from the singer’s Instagram, you can see a snow-white fluffy fur coat, a bright dress, which very piquantly reveals some parts of the woman’s figure, as well as a corset that demonstrates all her figure.

Many subscribers came to a certain delight from the appearance of a woman, writing that she was completely different from herself. Of course, the singer does not look her age at all, she is already over sixty, and she does not look even thirty.

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