“At 7 years old, she weighed 222 kilograms”: what the fattest girl on the planet looks like today. The result will surprise you.

Jessica Leonardo at the age of seven weighed as much as 222 kilograms! For this, she even received the title of the most complete girl in the United States. However, now she is 25 years old and she looks very different.

Many years ago, parents said that they themselves did not even understand how it happened that their little girl turned into a huge ball.

Parents simply could not help but feed her junk food, as resentment and even tantrums began on her part. Therefore, at the age of seven, the girl ate almost 10 thousand calories, at a rate of about one and a half thousand.

Jessica could not walk at all due to too much pressure on the small bones of the children, and it was even more difficult for her to just talk. Any, even the smallest action, caused strong shortness of breath in the girl.

Later, Jessica was sent to a special clinic, where doctors had already taken up work. There she had a hard time, but soon the first results became visible.

While our heroine was still small, she did not understand why she was forced to move, and not allowed to eat what she ate before. Of course, psychological help was an integral part of her weight loss. Later, when awareness was already turned on, weight loss went faster.

As a result, she managed to lose as much as 140 kilograms of weight! A little later, in the clinic, Jessica removed excess skin, due to which her weight decreased by another ten kilograms. Many psychologists, endocrinologists, therapists, and other specialists worked with her, the main task was to put the girl’s body in order.

Today she is 25 years old and Jessica looks very different. She is active in gymnastics and basketball. It is worth noting that our heroine has grown into a real beauty.

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