At first glance, this is an ordinary photo. But would you know what this brother did for his sister a few hours later?

Divorce of parents is always very painful for children. This is what happened in this family. The absence of a father affected a 6-year-old girl named Nour the most. Well, at least the caring elder brother Mohammed tried with all his might to brighten up the life of his sister. And just recently, thanks to one unusual act of these guys, the whole world learned about the family!

The story began with the fact that at school the little girls decided to arrange a small ball. And everything would be fine, but the key moment of the evening was to be the dance of fathers with their daughters. And then 17-year-old Mohammed took matters into his own hands. Of course, he saw how upset little Nur was when she heard such news, and he thought of something.

The guy personally picked the most beautiful dress for his sister, and then … accompanied her to the ball, instead of her father. It was impossible to think of anything better, the sister was in seventh heaven with happiness and shone with pride, but of course, who else can boast of such a wonderful and caring brother?

The evening was the best! The brother did not leave his beautiful sister for a minute, and when the competition began, he even won a large box of chocolates for her! This cute couple was in the spotlight all evening, and when it came time to choose the best dad of the evening, the victory was awarded …


The guy was even confused because there were many other fathers in the hall. And little Nur never ceased to shine with the widest smile!

An event that could turn into a tragedy for Nur became the happiest in her life. This photo from the school album will always remind the brother and sister of that unusual holiday.

Their mother, Sadiya, later stated that she was infinitely proud of her son. Moreover, when the story of his act was leaked to the press, the guy was applauded by millions of netizens!

Noor is undoubtedly very lucky to have a brother! Muhammad made the girl feel like a real prom queen. But without the intervention of a guy, this day would have brought only disappointment to a 6-year-old schoolgirl. Not everyone in our time will decide to give his sister such a gift!

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