Attractive Exterior, But a Colorful Surprise Inside Deters Buyers

“In matters of personal preference, there can be disagreements, as beauty is subjective. This holds true for a house in the UK that was put up for sale. Despite its appealing exterior with four bedrooms, a master suite, a garage, and a well-kept garden, potential buyers were turned off once they saw the inside. The problem? The entire interior of the house is covered in the color purple, from walls and carpets to furniture and even the curtains.

The excessive use of purple extends to the floors, ceilings, and even closet doors in the master suite. While repainting walls is doable, replacing unique fixtures like these closet doors can be challenging.

The bathroom is not spared from the purple theme either. While the tiles are white with purple floral patterns, the floor and sides of the bathtub are covered in shaggy purple carpeting.

Surprisingly, the purple interior is a stark contrast to the house’s exterior. Selling this property may be tricky unless the potential buyer happens to be a big fan of the color purple.”

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