Baby girl dressed up as Red Riding Hood and her husky dressed as “Big Bad Wolf” is so adorable

Here is Agata and her incredible dog, who gained social media fame for their stunning outfits. In Italy, they were taking part in Carnival.

This stunning duo was decked out like the iconic Little Red Riding Hood figures.

The adorable newborn girl was already lovely thanks to her stunning clothing, but she took on a fairy-like quality because of her companion pooch, who was wearing a wolf costume.

Actually, it was a Big Bad Wolf disguised as a granny who was wearing a suit. Simply said, they are too delicious to be genuine.

Yanuk is the name of the dog; he was wearing a purple shawl, reading glasses, and a little bonnet to complete the ensemble.

The doggy looked just like it did in the narrative, and they matched each other wonderfully. They appeared to have just left the narrative.

People were naturally attracted by this wonderful duo since they were the cutest fairytale figures ever. They obviously have an interesting fellowship.

Agata is really fortunate to have such a kind man at her side as she grows up.

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