Barbara Streisand’s advice for those who want to be the happiest and most loved

Smooth skin and a wasp waist are great, but not always a guarantee of happiness. A perfect manicure will not make a woman happier if she does not have confidence in her exclusivity inside. Happiness and self-confidence often do not depend on external data.

There are beauties who are definitely disappointed in love, and there are women who are far from canonical beauty, but they reveal themselves so much in the family, next to their beloved, that you simply cannot take your eyes off them.

A prime example is Barbara Streisand. And the name of this singer is known all over the world, but you definitely can’t call her a beauty. She has charisma and attractiveness, but as a child her peers openly mocked her. Needless to say, if the relatives considered the girl ugly, and to her words that she wanted to be an actress, they only said that such ugly girls do not become actresses.

By personal example, this brilliant woman proved to the whole world that it is possible to be loved, adored, and without a perfect appearance. She broke the stereotypes and put in first place natural beauty, which conquered men and the hearts of fans around the world.

There are several sayings of Barbara Streisand that are worth taking into account and remembering exactly.

“I go home in the same clothes. I’m not interested in jewelry and trousers that tuck in at the waist. I love the comfort and there are a lot more things that are more important than the outside.”

Of course, this statement is true, because a woman, feeling comfortable, reveals herself from a completely different side.

Barbara also spoke about the fact that everyone who strives for this can achieve success.

“You don’t need to be beautiful to get fame, if you don’t love anyone, everyone will be drawn to you. It is worth sending the whole world to hell, and he will admire you and try to copy you.”

Attractive and endowed with beauty by nature, girls often get used to the fact that they get everything in life easily. They skillfully manipulate their appearance and achieve their goals. An appearance that is mediocre according to the stereotypes of society often becomes an incentive for self-development and persistent movement forward. That’s what Streisand was talking about. She believed that the ideal should be at least a slight, but a flaw because when everything is fine, it’s boring.

Now template beauty is at its peak. All women try as much as possible to “fit” themselves into the generally accepted framework, they immediately try to remove flaws or hide them as much as possible. Barbara Streisand proved that you can not turn to plastic surgeons to become loved and desired by your chosen one.

“I came to Hollywood and did not change the shape of the nose, did not insert teeth, and did not change the name. I kept it and I’m grateful for it.”

She said that you should not succumb to panic numbers about age. It only leads to depression. It is important to wake up in the morning and already feel real happiness from this. You need to thank God for every birthday, otherwise why then live at all.

Barbara Streisand says that every woman yearns to be some man’s dream. There is a lot of very simple truth in her words. It is worth listening to them and taking something useful for yourself.

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