Beauty without makeup: “honest” photos of Hollywood beauties without makeup

Sometimes even celebrities appear in front of their fans without makeup, thereby boldly demonstrating their flaws. Similar photos, one way or another, appeared on their Instagram, and today we would like to show them.

Jennifer Lopez

The performer of many hits published her photo in a white coat and without makeup. A hashtag was added to the description of the selfie, which stated that the singer had just woken up.

Salma Hayek

And this charming actress at the beginning of summer published an “honest” photo against the background of leaves. It is worth noting that her face without makeup looks very natural and beautiful.

El MacPherson

The model was not afraid to publish a photo without makeup while relaxing on the beach near her cottage. By the way, the owner of such skin can only be envied, because today a woman is 56.

Michelle Pfeiffer

During the pandemic, the actress decided to share a sad picture in which she appeared before her audience without makeup.

Paulina Porizkova

This model also took her photo during the quarantine period. Paulina also told how she gets tired of household chores and made fun of her “homemade” hairstyle.

Christy Turlington

In the spring of this year, the model shared an interesting video on her social networks, which shows how she is doing embroidery. In this video, you can note the beautiful and well-groomed skin of a 51-year-old model.

Julia Roberts

This Hollywood actress also decided to share a photo without makeup. Julia appeared before the followers in a fleece blouse and a printed scarf, but the subscribers were more interested in the radiant skin of the charming actress.

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