Because of his mother’s health, the husband wants her to live with us, but I can’t tolerate it. What should I do?

This circumstance, I believe, will incite resentment among subscribers. Yes, I am embarrassed by my own ideas. But I can’t stop myself.

I want to cry every time I think of what our family will face in the near future. I’m starting to feel down. We’ve been married for almost a decade, we both work, and we have two children.

My mother-in-law has been ill for quite some time. She is afflicted with arthritis and diabetes. She finds it difficult to move around the flat since she is overweight. She lives alone, thus she has challenges on a daily basis. It is difficult for mothers-in-law to serve themselves, make dinner, and clean on their own. My husband and I bring her groceries once a week, clean the apartment, prepare meals for the entire week, and assist her in taking a bath. We’ve become accustomed to these weekly excursions. Of course, owing to work, we are occasionally unable to attend, but this is really unusual.

I adore my mother-in-law. She raised her son on her own, put forth a lot of work, and sacrificed her own happiness (at the age of 45 she was left without a husband and did not remarry). She also provided financial assistance to our family. We were able to pay off all of the mortgage payments because of her. Under any circumstances, I will not refuse her care and aid. However, the husband recently stated that his mother will be moving in with us after the New Year’s celebrations. And there will be no need to go to her because care will be much more easily provided. As a result, he will be more at ease.

I understand my spouse, but I also envision how our family’s life will alter. Our unit has three rooms. My husband and I reside in one, while the kids live in the other. If the mother-in-law relocates, one of the rooms will be assigned to her. Because everyone requires personal space, children will curse. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I consider my mother-in-law to be a burden.

What would you do in such a circumstance?

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