Before their flight, a married couple opened their suitcase and discovered a tailed surprise

Residents of Lubbock, Texas, expected to have a fantastic weekend in Las Vegas. They had been planning this trip for a long time, and how many emotions did the family feel when they realized they would not be traveling alone… This unusual story is about fellow travelers Jared and Christy Owens. 

The Owens weighed their suitcases before leaving for the airport. They were curious as to how much they would have to pay for baggage. However, at the airport weigh-in, the figure increased by nearly three kilos. 

The Americans realized something was wrong right away and began to move their stuff. They were taken aback when they discovered the head of a dog… their own dog! Ikki, the family pet, was discovered hiding in Jared’s cowboy boots. Chihuahua fit perfectly in a large suitcase and was unfazed.

 The couple knew they couldn’t take Ikki to Las Vegas. There were simply no documents required for the dog. Then, in their absence, Katie Cook, an airport employee, showed incredible kindness to strangers and agreed to keep an eye on Ikki.

Ikki was placed in a foster home in Lubbock until her owners returned from Vegas. The couple considers themselves fortunate that this game of hide-and-seek did not end in tragedy. After all, if the Chihuahua had not been noticed, she would have died in the luggage compartment during the flight.

 The couple advocates for a more responsible approach to pet collection and monitoring of pet behavior during such times. She is also grateful to the airline: no one accused the Owens of attempting to bring a pet with them, and Katie was under no obligation to assist them in getting out of the situation.

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