“Behind the Scenes of Manhunt”: The Simpsons and South Park Influence

Behind the scenes of the show “Manhunt,” which is about hunting down John Wilkes Booth after he killed President Abraham Lincoln, some actors had fun with adult cartoons.

Brandon Flynn, who plays Eddie Stanton Jr., and Tobias Menzies liked to rehearse their lines in funny voices from “South Park.”

Anthony Boyle, who plays Booth, learned about his character from “The Simpsons.” He based his acting on Bart Simpson and even used Bart’s catchphrases on set.

Hamish Linklater, who plays Lincoln, had a lot of information to help him with his role. He found it both scary and exciting.

Linklater thinks actors have more fun on serious shows than on funny ones. He says people tell jokes and have a good time even when working on serious scenes.

Boyle joked that “Manhunt” was full of laughs, but in reality, filming on plantations in Georgia was intense. Boyle could feel the dark history of racism in those places.

Despite the serious setting, Boyle enjoyed working with his co-stars Daisy Jones & The Six actor Harrison and Veep alum Matt Walsh. He said working with them was a highlight of his career.

Boyle praised Harrison as the best actor he’s ever worked with and felt lucky to have the chance to work with such talented people.

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