Beloved Celebrity Owl Flaco Passes Away in Tragic Accident A Year After Zoo Escape

Flaco, the big owl from Central Park Zoo in New York City, has passed away. He became famous after flying around Manhattan. Sadly, he hit a building on the Upper West Side and died.

About a year ago, someone broke into the zoo and let Flaco out of his cage. The person responsible hasn’t been caught yet. The zoo blames this vandalism for Flaco’s death. They hope the police will find the culprit.

After the accident, people from a wildlife center tried to help Flaco, but he didn’t make it. They took his body to the Bronx Zoo to find out what happened.

People on the internet are sad about Flaco’s death. He was a special owl who lived freely in the city. Many New Yorkers loved him and watched him flying around.

Flaco’s adventure started in February 2023 when someone broke into the zoo and set him free. Since then, he enjoyed his freedom, living in parks, on buildings, and hunting rats at night.

People all over the city liked spotting Flaco. They shared pictures and news about him online. Now, they’re mourning his loss.

Some fans of Flaco suggested having a temporary memorial for him at his favorite tree in Central Park. They want a place where people can leave flowers or notes to remember him.

Even the New York City Parks Department expressed sadness over Flaco’s death. They sent their condolences to the zoo and to all New Yorkers who loved having Flaco around.

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