“Besame mucho” – a composition created by a teenager (video)

Few people know that this popular composition “Besame mucho” was written by an ordinary young girl. That is what we will tell you about in this article.

Consuelo Velazquez was born in the artist’s family. However, when the girl was still a baby, her parents left this world. Therefore, her relatives were engaged in her upbringing. At the age of 4, our heroine began to learn to play the piano, and after a while, she began to attend a music school.

When Consuelo was 15 years old, she became a music teacher. The girl dreamed of a successful career as a pianist.

In 1941, a 16-year-old girl becomes the author of a well-known song. At that time, she devoted herself entirely to music, and although the words of the composition have a romantic connotation, Consuelo understood much less about love than about the scores.

The pianist did not have any time for relationships with the opposite sex, and she spent all her free time on music lessons.

In addition, the girl studied at a monastic Catholic school. Therefore, when the words of the song and the music were completely written, Consuelo was afraid to show her work to adults. It seemed to her that the text of the composition was too lecherous and frank.

The girl decided to send her song to the competition, which was held on the radio but was afraid to indicate the name of the author. She soon learned that her composition took first place. The organizers asked her to come and collect her prize.


However, our heroine was also bound by indecision, so instead of her, a close friend of Consuelo went to the radio. It was she who shed light on the name of a talented girl and revealed her secret to the whole world. As a result, the organizers of the award came to her home and handed the award directly into the hands of the young pianist.

It was on this day that she met her future husband, Mariano Rivera. They fell in love at first sight and soon got married. Later, Consuelo gave her husband 2 wonderful sons. However, Mariano passed away very early. Our heroine survived her husband by as much as 30 years but never got married again. She remained faithful to her beloved until the very end.

When the song “Besame mucho” was performed by Jimmy Dorsey, she became famous all over the world. All charts of the world gave first place to this burning and romantic song. And Consuelo herself became a truly famous person.

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