Biologists tried to identify the creature that was found on the coast of Australia a month ago but could not

Alex Tan was walking along the beach and discovered a strange creature. His find interested scientists. Biologists have been trying to identify the creature for a month, but they still have not been able to establish the exact belonging to the species.

A man found an animal on Maroochydore Beach, Queensland, Australia. The creature of enormous size is completely covered with white fur, which is completely uncharacteristic of sea creatures.

“I came across something strange. You know, one of those cases when you are not at all sure of the reality of what is happening,” Alex told reporters.

Alex’s find interested marine biologists from the Queensland Institute. According to Dr. Steven Johnson, they had to conduct a series of tests, but so far the species of the creature remains in question.

“Judging by the structure of the head and hind legs, this is still a mammal. Where it comes from in the sea, we don’t know yet,” says Johnson.

“Probably, DNA analysis will help to establish the type of creature. Most likely, we are talking about some little-known representative of the Australian fauna.”

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