Blake Lively is Excited About Her “Skater Boy” Husband Ryan Reynolds: “Dreams Really Do Come True”

Blake Lively, 36, shared a photo on Instagram of her husband, Ryan Reynolds, 47, holding a skateboard. She referenced Avril Lavigne’s song “Sk8er Boi.” In the picture, Reynolds wore a hat, sneakers, and sunglasses, smiling softly. Lively quoted lyrics from the song.

She talked about a rule they made when they started dating. They agreed not to work at the same time so they could focus on their relationship. Lively mentioned that maintaining this balance takes effort.

Lively said she’s used to working hard, especially during her time on Gossip Girl. She and Reynolds started dating in 2011, got married in 2012, and have four children.

Recently, Lively went to the Super Bowl with Taylor Swift. Reynolds joked on Instagram about not being able to find his wife. Lively responded with a playful photo the next day.

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