“Blonde again!” Nicole Scherzinger updated her hair color and dazzled fans with a bright outfit

Fans continue to compare Nicole to Kimberly saying: “Nicole Kardashian, is that you?”

The 44-year-old Nicole posted many images on her own Instagram account to showcase her new platinum blonde hair color.

Scherzinger had a stunning appearance in a shimmering dress with prominent shoulder pads and a thigh-high slit.

Despite such a radical change in appearance, Nicole has already established herself as a blonde.

Later Kim Kardashian, who had also at one point colored her hair blonde, was frequently mentioned in comparisons. Fans have started to speculate that Nicole utilizes a wig for a rapid and secure makeover since they believe the singer would not subject her hair to such frequent color changes.

This hypothesis is further supported by a notable variation in Nicole’s hair length between images with the chestnut tint and those with the new hue. In the photograph with the new color, her hair has significantly less length.

Scherzinger is still regularly associated with Kimberly, and some fans have even questioned Nicole Kardashian’s identity in the comments area of the star’s social media posts.

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