Bloom doesn’t shower and Fox doesn’t flush the toilet

Hollywood stars seem flawless to us, don’t they? However, the close circle of celebrities sometimes reveals interesting details about the stars that drive them into a stupor, causing a lot of questions.

Today I would like to show you photos of famous dirty girls who are not particularly clean. I think I can surprise you.

Ready? Then I won’t detain you.

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Cameron Diaz  (the actress admitted that she has not used deodorant for over 20 years)

Russell Crowe  (colleagues of the actor say that Russell neglects the shower)

Jennifer Aniston  (Jennifer’s colleagues claim that the actress has bad breath)

Leonardo DiCaprio  (the man is a true environmentalist. Leo only showers once a week to save money)

Gwyneth Paltrow  (colleagues complain about a very specific smell emanating from the actress)

Jessica Simpson

Orlando Bloom  (actor doesn’t see much point in washing his hair)


Kourtney Kardashian  (the star completely abandoned deodorants back in 2013)

Uma Thurman  (colleagues of the actress say that Uma rarely changes clothes, appearing in public in stained things)

Megan Fox  (this beauty once admitted that she forgets to flush after herself in the toilet)

Johnny Depp  (Johnny does not consider showering an important necessity. An actor can not change clothes for weeks)

Britney Spears  (the star’s bodyguard said that she forgets to brush her teeth, walks around with dirty hair and does not take a shower for weeks, throwing her clothes around the house)

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