“Bob Hair And Bleached Skin”: Janet Jackson Surprised Fans With The Resemblance To Her Brother!

It seems that the Jacksons have a family love for plastic surgery.

Janet Jackson, 56, started to resemble her brother. The Hollywood diva recently made an appearance in public, captivating people with her similarity to a well-known cousin.

Internet users remark under Janet’s photos, “It seems that the Jacksons have a familial affinity for plastic surgery.”

The performer’s complexion appears to be significantly paler than usual, and her nose is noticeably constricted. We all know how Jackson spoiled himself, therefore internet users are pleading with Janet to stop.

There is a blatant similarity to Michael Jackson. Supporters of Janet implore her to refrain from doing any additional surgeries to prevent her brother’s demise from happening again.

Do you concur with the singer’s followers? Share your opinion in the comments.

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