Bobbi Althoff Seen Publicly for First Time After Husband Cory’s Divorce Filing

Bobbi Althoff was seen in Los Angeles without her wedding ring after news came out that her husband had asked for a divorce. The 26-year-old podcaster spoke up about the split, saying she’s grateful for the time they were married.

Her husband, Cory, stated “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce in court papers obtained by PEOPLE magazine. This was the first time Bobbi was seen in public since Cory filed for divorce.


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Bobbi was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a peach-colored shirt and black sweatpants, talking on the phone. The photo was taken a day after she shared on Instagram about their divorce.

Cory, who works in a software company and is 34 years old, officially filed for divorce on Wednesday. He mentioned July 4, 2023, as the day they separated, after being married for over three years. Cory wants joint custody of their two daughters, Isla, who is 19 months old, and Luca, who is 3.

In her Instagram post, Bobbi said their daughters are lucky to have Cory as their dad, and she’s glad they can co-parent. Despite their marriage not working out, she still loves him and they’ll remain friends.

Bobbi, known for her social media presence, started on TikTok and later hosted The Really Good Podcast. She interviews celebrities with her unique humor. She prefers to keep her relationship with Cory private, although he sometimes appeared on her social media.

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