“Body-Positive Icon Ashley Graham”: Embracing Imperfections and Celebrating Motherhood

Many people really liked what she shared. 🧐🧐

A 33-year-old model named Ashley Graham is a big part of the body-positive movement. This movement is getting a lot of attention not just in other countries but all around the world.

Ashley has more than 13 million followers. She proudly accepts and shows her body’s imperfections, like her waistline, stretch marks, cellulite, and uneven teeth.

She also talks openly about her personal life. She shares private moments with her followers, like announcing her pregnancy, changing her baby’s diaper in the grocery store, and breastfeeding in a coffee shop.

On Mother’s Day, Ashley posted photos and messages thanking her mom, who she sees as her daily inspiration.

She shared old pictures of her mom when she was young, showing her beautiful features. Even though Ashley’s friends can easily recognize her mom in the pictures, her mom’s body was different back then.

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