“Both Funny And Defiant!” – Salma Hayek In a Gucci Dress Unbuttoned Below The Waist Bit Off a Piece Of Chicken! (video)

I’m glad that the glamor continues, but first about the main thing.

After an event at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, the 56-year-old actress tweeted a video of herself eating in the kitchen while wearing an original red sequin dress with the back fully undone.

The stunning woman turned to face the camera, revealing her back’s beautiful curves. The Mexican celebrity’s stylish brown hair fell freely over her shoulders, giving her a feminine and beautiful appearance.


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The incident involving Salma Hayek was described as “expectation and reality” by an unidentified photographer the next day, the evening of the Oscars.

She took a bite out of a partly consumed piece of chicken while leaning over the table. She made others giggle since she looked amazing in a stylish Gucci dress.

The actress signed the video with, “I’m glad that the glamor continues, but first about the main thing.”

Subscribers were open about how happy the video made them in the comments.

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