Brad Pitt Turns Heads in Stylish Skirt at ‘Bullet Train’ Premiere – A Bold Fashion Statement Sparks Buzz!

Brad Pitt and the cast of “The Bullet Train” were traveling around Europe for promotional events. Everyone was impressed by Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband. During the premiere in Paris, he surprised everyone by dressing casually on the red carpet. Then, he made a bold choice by wearing a suit and a skirt.

Brad Pitt dons brown skirt, boots and sunglasses at 'Bullet Train' premiere in Berlin - Good Morning America

In Berlin, Brad posed for photos wearing a dark brown skirt with an uneven hem. He ditched his blond hair again. He completed the look with a dusty pink shirt under another one in the same color as the skirt. 

Brad Pitt managed to look cool even in a skirt: the actor surprised Internet users with his outfit

He wore rugged boots, several necklaces, two rings, and sunglasses. His great smile was the perfect finishing touch. People are joking that he might have borrowed the skirt from his ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

In a recent interview, Brad explained why he wore a skirt to the “Bullet Train” premiere. He said, “We’re all going to die.” Despite facing health challenges, Brad looked cool in the skirt, and the crowd loved it.

Brad Pitt Explains Why He Wore a Skirt to the 'Bullet Train' Premiere: 'We're All Going to Die': Photo 4797989 | Brad Pitt, Bullet Train Pictures | Just Jared

Brad mentioned in the interview that his health condition affected his ability to recognize people, and it also changed how Hollywood perceived him. Some saw him as immodest and selfish.

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