“Brad was a realist”: Angelina Jolie talked about why she still hasn’t found a new man

In her recent interview, the famous actress A. Jolie spoke about what is happening in her life after she broke up with B. Pitt. Recall that the star couple decided to divorce 5 years ago, and since that moment the 45-year-old celebrity has not had a new lover.

Angelina said that after breaking up with her husband, she completely immersed herself in raising children. However, today grown children can already take care of their star mothers themselves.

As the Hollywood actress assures us, she has 6 wonderful and very capable children. Not so long ago, she woke up at night only to make sure that everything was fine with them. Already today, the heirs want to make sure that everything is fine with mom. Angelina is sure that she is very lucky.

By the way, Brad is also officially still a bachelor. However, as far as we know, the man is in a relationship with 27-year-old model N. Poturalski. Only now the actor lives in the States, and his young darling is in Germany, which is why they rarely see each other.

By the way, the fact that Pitt lives just 10 minutes from Jolie’s house is often discussed on the Web. If you believe the rumors, then he incredibly loves his children, but a man can only see them on a strict schedule.

That is why the actor is still fighting for custody of the children. He wants to get more rights so that he is allowed to see his heirs more often, but so far he has not succeeded. In addition, information has recently appeared on the Web that Angelina’s lawyers have prepared a new package of documents with accusations against him.

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