Brain Teaser: Can you find the different hand emoji from this picture in 5 seconds?

Since you must identify the differences or similarities between images, Brain Teaser exercises are particularly efficient in enhancing your observational abilities. Because finding the solution requires focus, you may increase your mental capacity.

After seeing the image, the majority of people are perplexed by this problem, but if you check it carefully, you will find the solution pretty quickly. Some, nevertheless, were able to guess the solution right away. You will win this challenge if you can solve it in the allotted time, but remember that you are not required to ask for help.

Are you up to the challenge? Yes? 

Let’s get going.

Your 10-second timer has just started.

Be quick! Have you located the peculiar emoji in the image? No? Want a hint?

Hint: The strange emoji may be seen in the fifth row of the picture.

Your time is up, stop! 

Congratulations to those who used this hint to discover the strange emoji in the image; others who are still searching may view the solution in the photo below.

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