Brain Teaser: Can you find the mistake in the wristwatches in 12 seconds?

You are shown an image of three distinct wristwatches in the Brain Teaser IQ Test, however, there is an error in the image that you must uncover in 12 seconds. We see a lot of these photos on social media, and because they require us to focus on the image, they are highly helpful in improving our concentration. In the Optical Illusion Image Challenge, you have 12 seconds to identify the error in the provided image.
These challenges are a little challenging because everything appears the same in the image but is really incorrect. Check the image carefully before beginning this problem since you only have a short amount of time to locate the solution. Start the timer on your watch or phone for 12 seconds, but remember that you are not required to ask for assistance.

The timer has it set to 12 seconds, right? 

Your time on this challenge begins immediately as we get started.

Did you find the mistake?

I’ll give you a hint right now.

Clue: Take a close look at the first wristwatch.

Your time is up, so stop.

Many thanks and thunderous applause to those who identified the error in this Optical Illusion pictures. Those who are still looking for the answer can see it below. The answer to the brain IQ teaser test. On the first smartwatch, the numbers are incorrect.

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