Brain Teaser: Can you find the odd one tree from the picture in 10 seconds?

These tasks are common on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where many of them are used to test your cognitive abilities in an effort to sharpen your focus. Picture puzzles need a lot of concentration and greatly improve our capacity to concentrate.
In the picture we’ve given you for this Picture Puzzle challenge, there are several trees, with one that sticks out from the others in the middle of them. If you can figure out this puzzle, you are an absolute genius. It is advised that you figure this out on your own so that you can improve your attention and observation skills.

Are you up for the task at hand? Yes? 

Your time has begun.

Did you notice the peculiar tree in the picture?

Time is running out, so hurry.

Here’s a little information for you.

Hint: The odd cooler emoji may be seen on the third or fourth row of the illustration.

Stop! Time is up.

If you found the unusual tree, congrats, but if not, don’t let it make you unhappy. You can view the solution to this problem in the image below.

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