Brain Teaser For IQ Test: Can You Find The Image of Odd Woman within 21 Seconds in the Picture?

Using your sharp vision and cognitive abilities, spot the image of an odd woman hidden in the picture.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Seema is working from home. And it appears like she is truly relishing this time. Find the odd image in the collage; that is your mission here. Instead of testing your mathematical reasoning and calculation abilities, this brainteaser will test your imagination and ability to observe. Thus, it will improve the communication between brain cells, boost mental acuity, and aid with short-term memory issues. Finally, let’s get down to business. Your objective is to locate a picture of the strange woman.

Can You Find The Image of the Odd Woman Hidden In The Picture?

Brain teasers demand unconventional thinking, but they may also call for extraordinary creativity and logical reasoning. In contrast to the image above, picking out the unusual lady in the collage requires both qualitative skills and visual acuity. It’s easy; all you have to do is concentrate on all the suggestions. Additionally, this easy mental exercise will teach you a ton about how your brain works and what it is capable of.

Look for the Brain Teaser answer here:

A brainteaser is a challenge that calls for both logical and imaginative thinking. With each try, your ability to think critically and make decisions will therefore advance. The brain game will aid in developing critical intuitions and broader problem-solving skills. Keep in mind that your objective is to uncover the picture’s concealed image of a strange woman. Easy, Right?

And you have only 21 seconds to do this mental workout.

Let’s get to the solution now; enough with the suspense and the subdued music.

There are 16 photos overall, arranged in the image in 4 columns and 4 rows. Your job is to select the one particular image that is concealed in the photograph. To do this mental exercise, look over all the rows and columns to make sure you don’t miss any hints. You may also use your logical thinking, observational skills, and other talents.

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Coming back to the Brain Teaser… 

I Am Sure You Are Done! 

It Was Easy! 

If you’re still having trouble finding the solution, have a look at the image below to see if you can see the weird woman that is concealed in it.

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