Brain Teaser Puzzle: Can you spot the odd fan from the image in 16 seconds?

Today in Brain Teaser Puzzle, we test how quickly your brain can identify any strange object. To do this, we’ll provide an image with you in which several imprisoned objects are obvious. One fan stands out among the others in the photo among all the fans that are accessible. The challenge will end if you take longer than the allotted 16 seconds to locate the strange fan.

We frequently encounter Brain Teaser Puzzles on social media, and the image we’ve gathered for you today is one of these popular problems. You must locate the fan that is distinct from the others in the image, which includes fans of the colors Yellow and Black. If you are successful in achieving this, you are a genius with an extremely quick mind. Without further wait, let’s begin this task. Here, the Fans are arranged in a circle over 6 rows and 10 columns. You must scan all rows and columns fast if you want to discover the odd Fan in less than 16 seconds.

Your 16-second timer will now begin. 

A few seconds remain.

Did you see Odd Fan? No?

We drop a clue for you.

Hint: The odd Fan is in the 1st Row and 3rd Column.

Be quick. Two seconds remain.

Stop, your time is up. 

Readers who solved the puzzle involving the unusual fan are geniuses, and others who are still searching for the answer deserve a round of applause.

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