Brain Teaser Puzzle: Can you spot the Odd Whale in the image in 22 seconds?

You have been presented with an image in this Brain Teaser Puzzle challenge that shows blue whales. You probably thought all of these whales were in the same form when you first saw this image, but that is not the case at all. Finding the whale in this image that stands out from the others requires quick thinking, therefore if you can do it in 22 seconds, your brain is working well.

When it comes to improving mental acuity and attention, brain teaser puzzles are incredibly helpful. In all, there are four rows in this picture, with nine whales in each row. One of these four rows has an unusual whale, and you have only 22 seconds to discover it.

If the odd whale is not immediately apparent, then the answer is shown in the image below. If you look at the image extremely closely, you will undoubtedly spot the unusual whale.

Answer: The odd one is in the second row which we have circled.

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