Brain Teaser Puzzle: Spot the number of horses with 3 legs in 22 seconds

We’ve added a new image to the Brain Teaser Puzzle that will put your mental faculties to the test. You must identify the number of horses with three legs in the provided photographs, and if you can do it in under 22 seconds, you are a great thinker. Brain Teaser Puzzles are really entertaining exercises that we must finish in the allotted time, and many people adore these images since they are so effective at improving focus.

You have 22 seconds to count the horses with three legs in the Brain Teaser Puzzle Challenge picture, which has two different sorts of horses—some have four legs and some have three—and is going crazily viral on social media. We’re going to start this task right away, so pay attention to the image closely and keep in mind that you don’t have much time.

Your time has begun. 

Time is running out, so hurry.

Did you count horses with three legs?

If yes, how many are there?

You have run out of time.

If you have counted the horses and your response is 10, then congrats; if not, then try again, with no time restriction. In the figure below, we have circled the solutions.

The cutest animals in the world

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