Brain Teaser: Spot the different face from the image within 22 seconds

In today’s Brain Teaser Puzzle, you have 22 seconds to identify a unique face from a group of faces. If you succeed in doing so, you will be considered brilliant. Because solving them requires focus, it’s common for us to see the finest brainteaser images on social media. This improves our concentration.

You must identify a unique face hidden among the various faces you see in the new Brain Teaser Puzzle challenge we’ve provided for you today in only 22 seconds. We will now begin the task, and you are urged to carefully examine the image so that you can provide the answer within the allotted time.

Keep in mind that you have 22 seconds. 

The time for your challenge has begun.

Did you notice a peculiar face? No?

We’ll give you a short tip that will be useful.

Hint: Odd face is available in the 1st or 2nd row in this image.

You are obviously a genius if you were able to identify the strange face following the suggestion, but if not, don’t be discouraged—we’ve indicated the solution in the image below with a circle.

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