Brain Test: Spot the odd latch in the locks within 10 seconds

Instead of requiring you to solve a whole series of mathematical problems, brain teasers are a fun type of puzzle. The new challenge for today’s brainteaser issue has a picture of a structure with several locks. You only have ten seconds to find the lock with the strange latch, so pay close attention to the image.

It has been demonstrated that doing brain teaser problems is a very efficient approach to increasing mental sharpness and attention. Another approach to gauge your observational skills is by accepting these types of activities. If you find a lock with a different latch, you will complete this challenge successfully; otherwise, you will not.

Are you ready for the challenge? Yes? 

Let’s begin.

Your ten seconds have begun.

Have you noticed the unusual latch on the locks? No?

You still have three seconds to look attentively.

Stop! The allotted time has passed. 

The answer to the puzzle “Find The Odd Latch in the Locks” may be found below. 

If you can’t see the strange latch, the solution is depicted in the figure below. The strange latch may be seen in the photograph if you look at it very closely.

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