Brave boy rescues abused pup by others, adopts it and now they are inseparable (video)

They are now inseparable.

Since we live in such a cruel society where individuals aggravate situations rather than help, there are many rescue stories that will never come to a conclusion.

A 7-year-old boy named Nicolas said that he shielded the small puppy from other kids who were attempting to harm it. Moreover, they even had plans to murder the helpless puppy.

After saving him, the courageous child used all of his funds to take the dog to the clinic for treatment. In the end, he chose to adopt the puppy. The tale went viral as more people heard about it.

Nicolas expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped the puppy. They have merged into one. Esteban the dog, who loves to accompany Nicolas everywhere he goes and picks him up from school each day, was given that name.

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