Brave dogs that are not afraid of anything … except for the most ordinary water

Most dogs swim tolerably and even love to do it, but there are those who consider this element to be something terrible. And after all, this is not about washing, which all four-legged animals can not stand, but about simple swimming on the beach.

We have never seen such sincere emotions.

Yes, it’s a mini tsunami! Everyone to the beach!

Master, stand still! I really don’t want to fall into the water!

Not! Please! I’ll get better, I’ll be a good boy! Just not in the water!

That strange thing, wet and cold, it’s moving again!

For what? For what sins is this punishment for us?

No, don’t go there! Stop!

Please don’t leave me here!

When I felt touched underwater

They will play enough and let them go, I believe, they are not such villains, are they?

Yes, so that I agree to this again – never!

These are such funny cowards who can not overcome their fear in any way. However, why to be surprised, people have a similar fear, called tallasophobia, or fear of depth. In this, we are very similar to them.

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