Brave police K9 dog becomes the best big brother and protector of his newborn human sister (video)

Sonny and Jason first met at the Clinton police station. When the department required a K9, their paths crossed. Hence, they were able to spend a lot of time together.

As it would be their voyage through life, the dog Sonny got to learn to trust his mate. Sonny would occasionally poke his head out of the open partition of the automobile, where they spent 90% of their time.

The beautiful dog would stand next to Jason and doze off while resting his head on Jason’s shoulder. Sonny’s daily job schedule was merely enjoyable. Sonny has superior senses to all human beings in every way.

The chore of searching a 12- to 13-hundred-square-foot residence, which would have required hours from cops, took only a few minutes for Sonny.

Sonny was the only one who truly knew when work and breaks were. Being a big brother to his baby sister, though, was his more important duty at home. A newborn baby girl was born to Jason and his wife.

Jason was confident in his prediction of Sonny’s response. Yet the dog was aware that something was altering. He approached, placed his head on mom’s abdomen, and detected a change.

As the girl entered the world, he was overjoyed. Every time the infant cried, Sonny went straight to her bedroom.

His changeover was seamless. Sonny could have even served as his owner’s therapy dog. During every challenging period, he assisted them. The entire family adored him.

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