Brazilian picks up old dirty tires and turns them into cozy beds for pets

Amarildo Silva found a way to make his pets happy.

Brazilian Amarildo Silva creates beautiful pet beds by hand. When the man was looking for a means to make additional money two years ago, he had a clever idea for reusing used tires.

The individual chose to upgrade the worn-out, dusty rubber after observing that homeless animals frequently slept there. Amarildo gathers used tires, cleans them of debris, and turns them into comfortable animal beds. Owners are lined up to make their four-legged companions happy since they know how much they adore this notion.

A Brazilian guy recycles used tires by gathering them.

He washes, trims, and cleans them to prepare beds for our four-legged pals.

Amarildo also makes the beds’ pillows to provide the utmost comfort.

The master chooses the color for each product based on the customer’s preferences.

The size of the animal is also taken into consideration; a huge dog requires a larger tire.

Each bed has the pet’s name written by the guy.

Just observe his clients’ joyful smiles.

All cats enjoy these inventive beds.

Occasionally, people may order a large bed for a kitten in the hope that it would grow into a giant cat.

Examine carefully! Gratitude is evident in these eyes!

He is the happiest dog right now!

Some animals use their beds as places to meditate.

Amarildo Silva discovered a method to both keep his dogs happy and generate some additional cash. But they aren’t the only benefits; keep in mind that these tires were once trash and damaged the environment. They now have a second chance at life and will contribute to society.

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