Brazilian rescues tiny baby pygmy marmoset and returns it to its mother (video)

“I felt gratitude in her eyes.”

There is always a space for a nice and unselfish deed, if not a full achievement. A Brazilian called Igor Venancio was walking in the park the other day when he noticed a swarm of youngsters. They glanced at and spoke about the small animal on the ground with glee.

Marmosets are frequent visitors to this region, as Venancio has seen. They are wary of humans, much like any other wild animal, yet they are not harmful. You can’t say the opposite – marmosets are not very adapted to life in the city, so monkeys wandering from the jungle are at risk. And they certainly will not run on the ground, preferring trees. So the baby is in danger!

These are the marmosets when they are doing well.

This is such a tiny one. Baby pygmy marmoset.

Venancio lifted his head and observed the concerned mother marmoset in the tree. He ordered the youngsters to disperse in order to make place for the infant, but the monkey refused to come down from the tree. Any random automobile, bird of prey, or regular cat or monkey will fail miserably. The man then grabbed the infant marmoset and handed it to its mother – see how cute it was!

“I saw thankfulness in her eyes,” Venancio observed. Excellent work.

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