Brenda Song on How Macaulay Culkin Makes Her Feel Beautiful, Even Without Makeup

Brenda Song talked about how her boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin, makes her feel really good about herself. She says she feels most beautiful when she’s with him, even without makeup, especially when they’re relaxing together before bed.

She mentioned that Culkin doesn’t really have a skincare routine, unlike her. She has to remind him to take care of his skin, while she spends time on hers every night.

They met in 2017 on a movie set and got engaged in 2022. They now have two sons. Song also talked about how her style and routines have changed since her Disney Channel days, especially after becoming a mom.

At an event, Song talked about her skincare routine and how she uses a moisturizer from Clarins to keep her skin healthy. She likes products that do many things at once, so she doesn’t have to spend too much time on her routine.

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