Britney Spears showed a figure without filters, squeezing into an emerald jumpsuit (video)

A few days ago, B. Spears announced that she stopped eating junk food. Also, the singer began to actively engage in sports.

As the American star admits, her young lover S. Asghari pushed her to such serious changes in her life cycle. The guy has a very beautiful figure, so Britney wants to match him.

So, a few days ago, the artist shared her first results, because she already attends boxing training in full. The singer appeared in front of the fans in a tight emerald-colored jumpsuit.

As Spears assures, she did not retouch the video at all, and looks the same on it as in real life. By the way, the star appeared in front of the camera with a new hair color – pink ombre.

And under one of her latest snaps, Britney revealed that she missed Halloween last year. She asked the subscribers in what way they would like to see her today.

Among those who responded to this post was the famous rocker A. Lavin. She invited Spears to cosplay her, and she, in turn, would appear on the holiday in the image of Spears herself.


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