Brooke Shields Opens Up About Her Past Relationship with Andre Agassi and Finding Happiness with Chris Henchy

🌟Discover why Brooke Shields found comfort in being overshadowed by Andre Agassi’s fame. Read her intriguing reflections on their past relationship!

Brooke Shields talked about her time with Andre Agassi in the April/May 2024 edition of AARP The Magazine. She mentioned feeling small compared to him because he was super famous and a top tennis player. Shields said Agassi always had a bunch of bodyguards around, which made her feel like she could relax because it wasn’t her world.

She also mentioned how Agassi helped her break away from her mom, who used to manage her career. Shields said she couldn’t do it alone and kept going back to her mom until Agassi helped her kindly. She’s grateful to him for that, as her therapist still tells her. Shields said they both understood what it was like to be famous from a young age.

Shields is now married to Chris Henchy, a writer and producer. They got married in 2001 and have two daughters, Rowan Francis and Grier Hammond. Shields loves that Henchy makes her laugh and is a great dad. He’s always there for their kids’ sports games. Shields described her daughters as having unique personalities, with Rowan being energetic like a puppy and Grier being more reserved like a cat.

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