Brown bear caught chilling just like a human on a sofa that someone threw away

The only thing missing was a remote control or a wine on his other hand.

The narrative of today will disprove the notion that animals don’t know as much as people do. Mandy Stantic is responsible for making this story public.

She went to a landfill in Northern Manitoba and observed something there that immediately prompted her to grab her camera.

One bear was simply unwinding on the abandoned sofa, much as people do. In the dump, they were all in quite conventional positions, and this one was portraying a worn-out father on a Sunday night.

He was lounging in a posture that seemed remarkably human. He was sitting with one arm on the armrest and one leg crossed over the other.

It later became known that there was even a TV before him.

The bear was undoubtedly preparing for a television show. Stantik speculates that he may be unwinding following a substantial dinner, and we can all relate to that.

A remote control or a glass of wine on his other hand was the only thing lacking. We also enjoy dozing off on the plush couch after a satisfying lunch. Perhaps humans are more similar to bears than we realize.

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