Cameron Diaz decided to go into organic winemaking

Not so long ago, Cameron Diaz shared with fans the news that she took up winemaking. The actress admitted that she and her husband Benji Madden will no longer have to hide behind a child to stay at home. Diaz noted that now she will always be with the baby.

Together with Katherine Power, Cameron launched her own wine, Avaline, earlier this month. The trick of the idea is that this is an organic wine, which does not include various additives that can spoil the drink or harm the body.

The actress admitted that it was quite difficult to choose a name because in our time there are a lot of wines. Thus, the girls went to sites with baby names, and Avalin seemed to them very interesting and beautiful.

Of course, as Diaz herself admitted, the organic way of cooking takes a lot more time, but it’s really worth the result.

The friends found manufacturers in Europe who were ready to cooperate, and in the end, what was meant at the very beginning was obtained.

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