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Their story is so sweet

Because dogs are members of the family, those who care for them want to do all in their power to alleviate their misery. However, the veterinarian caring for this injured dog went above and above to console her patient.

Taka, a Shibu Inu child who was 8 years old and had suffered serious burns in a home fire, showed up at her clinic. He managed to escape the fire, but not without severe burns. He was luckily discovered by a neighbor, who took him immediately to the Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.

When Taka arrived at the veterinary clinic, he was in horrible health and in a lot of discomfort. When he was taken into the clinic with burns around his eyes, mouth, and ears, he was sobbing in pain. Emily Martin, the clinic’s veterinarian, acted quickly to save his life.

Taka was gravely hurt and would need to be hospitalized, despite the fact that it was thought that he would survive. The staff would sing to him and it would quiet him and make him feel better. Dr. Martin took him home with her the first night since he couldn’t be left alone.

In the end, Taka required Dr. Martin to stay up all night to care for him. She returned with him to the clinic the following day, but she was so worn out that she wanted a nap. She immediately entered Taka’s kennel and climbed up next to him to sleep rather than leaving him.

One of her staff members was so affected by the touching scene that she snapped this photo of the couple sleeping together. Taka was truly so loved by Dr. Martin that she genuinely tried to console him as much as she could.

It turns out that Dr. Martin was considering adopting Taka since she had become so connected to him. What was one more when she already had five rescue dogs at home? Taka was one lucky dog to survive the fire and be transferred to Dr. Martin, his new guardian angel.

Their touching story demonstrates how much veterinarians care for their ailing and distressed pet patients. We value everything they do, and we believe Taka would express his gratitude if he could speak.

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