Carrie Bradshaw is no longer the same: old age is inexorable for Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has been credited as a style icon more than once, and they continue to argue about her beauty. Signature thinness, lush curls, and memorable outfits – we fell in love with such an actress back in Sex and the City.

And, revisiting your favorite series, how not to notice that today Carrie Bradshaw is no longer the same.

New photos of the star make you think that youth is not eternal. And Sarah decided not to renew it. Apparently, surgeons and cosmetologists do not work on her appearance. The trouble is that the 53-year-old actress looks much older than her years. Previously, her neck and hands spoke about her age, but now her face has joined them. Moreover, his wrinkles covered him very sharply.

It’s good that Parker doesn’t care about the signs of aging. She does not seem to be trying to hide them, but on the contrary, she stopped using a primer that is designed to fill wrinkles. Instead, there is a light foundation, which, of course, cannot afford such functionality.

Sarah has repeatedly stated that she is not afraid of old age:

“It’s like withering flowers in the movies. It’s happening right before my eyes, but what can I do? Look like crazy.” Quote from an interview with the American magazine ELLE in 2010.

We know that Sarah drinks plenty of water, applies sunscreen, and thoroughly moisturizes her skin. She loves to make masks, but at the same time, she is convinced that a glass of water inside has the same effect.

The media and their readers often criticize the stars for their frequent visits to plastic surgeons. But here is a vivid example of a woman who relied on nature. Do you think she did the right thing?

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