Cat approached the rescuers and led them to 3 kittens in need

Now kittens will be taken care of by a loved mama to god bless.

This is one highly astute mother cat and her three fortunate kittens, who gain from what their mother accomplished. I’m grateful to the human Heroes that came to her aid!

This cat’s actions in New South Wales, Australia, are the ideal illustration of what a mother can do to safeguard her offspring. Every mother, whether human or animal, has the urge to defend her children.

A motorist came upon a family of cats on the side of the road, consisting of a mother and her three kittens. He made urgent contact with CatRescue 901 in Terrey Hills.
When the rescuers came, the cat approached them and showed them exactly where her three babies were. She was only skin and bones, but it was obvious that she had made every effort to feed and protect her pets.

When the four cats arrived at the shelter, it was clear they were starving and in need of medical attention. The three kittens were diagnosed by the veterinarians with eyelid agenesis, a congenital disorder that left them without eyelids and may have resulted in blindness if the issue hadn’t been properly treated.

They received food, and a wash, and were given access to plush mattresses for sleeping. Elodie, the mother’s feline, was doing better after receiving medication, which was also given.
The path to recovery is still ahead of them, but what matters is that their mother Elodie is sure they are in capable hands.

Such a wise mother cat and her cute kittens… I’m very happy they were saved and now have a chance at a happy life. Thank you for saving and assisting them!

God bless you for saving this lovely cat family and providing them with all the care, love, and medical attention they require.

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