Celebrities who came to the red carpet in the same outfits: who suit more?

As you know, celebrities often have to appear in public, so they constantly need to take care of themselves, and pick up bright outfits for each of their appearances. Today we would like to talk about the stars who came to the red carpet in the same outfit as their colleagues.

K. Jenner and R. Ora

At one time, this jacket was a hit in the fashion industry. K. Jenner became the first star to appear in this outfit in public. She completed her elegant look with leggings and dark suede boots.

A few months later, R. Ora appeared on the red carpet in the same jacket. It is worth noting that her image turned out to be a little different, she decided to wear a mesh jumpsuit under her jacket.

B. Lively and T. Swift

This bright blue dress also caused quite a strong reaction. Fans and journalists could not miss the fact that both celebrities appeared on the red carpet in the same outfit with a difference of only a couple of days.

The only difference was that Taylor also had a strap that emphasized her figure.

I. Sheik and S. Gomez

These two charming beauties were once also seen in the same outfits. Agree that in this case, it is very difficult to say who still fits the short red dress more.

K. Kardashian and B. Spears

These two brightest stars of our time are also on our list. They both appeared in public in the same outfits, though not on the same day.

Kim appeared on the red carpet in white and black shoes, and Britney chose to wear suede boots. It is worth noting that this is not the best choice of stars, because they have much more spectacular outfits in their wardrobe.

M. Cyrus and K. Kiriak

This dress is probably the most elegant in our selection. It is worth noting that it favorably emphasized the figure of both stars. They both looked luxurious, so it’s up to you to decide which cutout black dress is more suitable.

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