Celebrity portraits that were taken at the start of their professional lives

Many of us still recall the image they used for their initial resume. And if you are currently over 30, you have probably already noticed a difference. 

Today, we’d like to show you some images of famous people who participated in the OldHeadshotDay flash mob by showing their first resumes to fans. You would undoubtedly be curious to see how Hollywood celebrities evolved! 

D. Johnson made the decision to the beard! 

D. Garner starting out on his journey.

H. Moretz started her career in this manner. 

E. Helms. 

B. Philipps altered her persona. 

The very first image in A. Fischer’s portfolio. 

B. Cannavale, who is still young. 

S. Turner also began her career when she was young. 

Brutal D. Harbor.

Little has changed about M. McCarthy. 

How do you think N. Watts has changed? 

Ch. Pratt also altered how he looked. 

Even though a lot of time has passed, W. Davis is still clearly identifiable.

Little K. Bell 

Curly A. Sandler! Do you recall him acting in this way? 

R. Wilson.

It was difficult to ignore such a funny young man – B. Stiller. 

A. Seyfried. 

Who among the famous people most impressed you? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

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